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Secret-Oh Pyrex Glass Toy:

What is Pyrex and what kind do you use?

Pyrex is a brand of borosilicate glass. We uses a brand of medical grade borosilicate in its products that is the purest available. Borosilicate glass is considerably more durable than regular “soft” glass. When annealed properly ( a process of actually cooking the glass), the molecules are aligned and the end product is strengthened considerably.

Are your glass toys safe to use?

Glass toys made of borosilicate are completely safe. While there is no such thing as unbreakable glass, there is absolutely no danger in a soft tissue context. A properly annealed inch thick piece of borosilicate will withstand up to 3,000 lbs of pressure and extreme heat and cold.

All of our products are individually hand crafted functional pieces of erotic art. There are various advantages to glass, chief among them are its ability to be sterilized due to its non-porous nature. It also conducts and maintains temperature very well.

I've just bought a new Secret-Oh glass toy and noticed some small marks on the shaft, is this a flaw or damaged in any way?

The small surface marks or lines that you are describing happen occasionally and are the result of handling by our staff in the production and packaging of our products. From time to time while being handled or stored in our product bins they may rub or contact another piece and this contact may leave marks on the surface of the glass. While we do our best to minimize such contact it is unavoidable and these small surface lines are considered within the bounds of our quality control guidelines. They are not flaws or dangerous in any way and do not compromise the structural integrity of the product, posing no potential for harm. All of our glass is properly screened for flaws or any potential problems both in it's raw and finished forms to ensure that you sex toy is totally safe for a lifetime of enjoyment.

I've noticed some air bubbles in the glass, is this a potential problem?

No, small air bubbles will inevitably happen as the artist works the different colored glass into or onto other piece of glass. Air will occasionally get trapped within the glass and poses no potential problems.